I want to offer a return to sound governance and practical stewardship of our county resources. I want to bring the focus back to delivering results to the citizens of Anne Arundel County.


As a graduate of Broadneck High School and the University of Maryland and a parent of children who attend public schools, I am a big proponent of public education. Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) are the foundation for a prosperous future. A healthy school system educates our next generation, employs great teachers, attracts new businesses, and increases our property values.

While we may have some fantastic schools in our district, there is a need for additional scrutiny of the school district’s budget. AACPS consumes 51% of the Anne Arundel County Budget, and has had a budget increase of nearly 18% in five years. During that time, administrative salary and operating expenses have risen 35%, while instructional salary expenses have only risen 15%. These budgetary growth patterns do not indicate a school system that puts students and teachers first.

I believe that what you do is more important that what you say. Anne Arundel County Public Schools says students and teachers are important, but when it comes to resources, the money is going to central office and administrative units. Increases in funding need to benefit students, teachers and classrooms.

As your representative on the Anne Arundel County Council, I will ask the tough questions and work together with the school board and county executive to put your hard-earned money to work to improve and strengthen Anne Arundel County Schools. For more information, click here.

Fiscal Accountability in Government

Candidates like to talk a big game about cutting waste in government or making government more efficient – in the end, nothing changes because these candidates do not have any experience in fiscal analysis. During my whole career, I have worked to make every organization that I work for operate efficiently.

I have testified in front of the Maryland General Assembly to defund the duplicative Office for Smart Growth and move any remaining work to the Department of Planning. The General Assembly and Governor moved forward with most of my recommendations and in two years, the office no longer existed – saving Maryland taxpayers’ money and creating a more efficient government, while ensuring that that principles of sustainable development and Smart Growth remain intact within the Department of Planning.

On the Anne Arundel County Council, I will make sure we are using taxpayer money efficiently and effectively while protecting those services that are important for Anne Arundel County residents.  For additional information, please click here.

Environment and Growth

I believe in protecting clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. Anne Arundel County is home to tremendous environmental resources and they should be protected so that our children can enjoy what we have enjoyed. With wages stagnant or falling for state and federal employees, the county’s wage-growth income has also fallen stagnant. In order to meet budget needs, the Anne Arundel County Council has zoned much of our community for growth. Unfortunately, our County Budget is dependent on bringing in new income taxpayers to the County,  almost encouraging the County to increase the level of development in our area. This will add strain to our public schools and infrastructure.

We need a council representative willing to stand up and fight for resources to address the impacts of growth in our community and oppose unsustainable and unsupportable development. For more information, click here.

Opioid Crisis

I believe in confronting the opioid crisis that plagues our community with a multi-faceted approach that includes prevention, treatment and enforcement. Favoring and funding one approach over another does not help solve this ongoing health crisis.

If you want a streamlined government, if you want responsible fiscal practices, if you want leaders who are focused on delivering real results and not just political ideology, then I ask you to stand with me and help me move Anne Arundel County forward.